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Brownham AU: In the second month of living at their old shack Brown uses the last of his savings to buy an old car. He spends weeks getting it to work. When Will comes home after work one night Matthew is waiting for him. He asks Will to go for the first ride with him. Tired form the long shifts at work Will quickly falls asleep, his head falling on Matthew’s shoulder. Matthew takes them home, but he doesn’t get out once he is there, instead He sits in the car enjoying the quiet moment. He could look over Will’s relaxed face for hours.


Brownham AU: Will hardly has nightmares since the escape, but when he does have them they are much worse. He wakes up late at night in fear and sees that Matthew has just gotten home. Matthew gets him to strip out of his wet clothing and spends the next few hours calming Will down. By the time he is finished Will’s muscles are no longer tense, and when he sleeps again there are no more nightmares.


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